Face masks and latex gloves begin to trickle into the Mediterranean Ocean with enormous consequense to the invironment

If half of Spain’s population wears a new surgical mask every day, it would be equivalent to around 705 million masks per month. If 1% of those masks are not properly disposed of during a year, that would mean 84.6 million littered masks, many of which would end up in the sea.

Although gloves are not officially recommended for regular use, supermarkets and other shops often make shoppers wear one before entering. The gloves are also not recyclable in Spain.
At Plastfree Ocean we are very concerned because of those non recycleable products, but we have found a solution which is installation of pyrolysis plants at different locations. Using pyrolysis plants dosn’t harm the invironment and the outcome can be used to produce recycled plastic.
We are in a proces trying to get some of our plants installed different places in Andalucia and hope to succeed with this proces within a short time.