About Plastfree Ocean

PFO is a new commercial company, startet in november 2019, we are operating in The Mediterranean Sea, based in Malaga, Spain Our founders is Bettina and Martin from Denmark.

Bettina Lyhne(57) borned in the Northern part of Denmark. 

Bettina has a long life passion for Spain and the sea

Martin(61) borned in the Northern part of Denmark. 

Martin has been participate in sailing reggattas all over Europe and has been more and more worried about the rising plastic polution of the Sea.

It all began in wet and windy autum back in 2019. Bettina and I had a glass of wine in her cozy kitchen and spoked about an article from WWF which told about the rising plastic polution in The Mediterranean Sea. The article told that more people has to be involved to clean up the Mediterrenean Sea. We looked at each other and decided to start Plastfree Ocean so we could help clean up plastic and other kind of trash.

PFO is picking up plastic and other kind of trash from The Mediterrenean Sea and selling it to recycling companies.

We will work forward to be able to pick up microplastic from sea and beaches. The equipment is very expensive and demands knowledge which we don’t have yet.

We will hire fishermen, local workers and boat captains to help us. We also will arrange beach pick’up events where volunteers will be able to participate.

The Mediterrenean is among the most poluted Sea’s in the world and few people are doing enough to pick up the plastic.

Plastfree Ocean shop

After ordering you will receive a confirmation email with details about your order. Shipping will be 3-5 days after ordering. Payment will be first be drawn from your credit when we ship your order.
We are pulling 1 pound of trash for each sold product, the rest is spend for salary to our workers and to develop PFO.

Yes you are able to cancel your order.

Helping Plastfree Ocean

Yes, check our homepage for “Beach pick’up” events and sign up to be a volunteers. Or write us an email, and hear more about the different possibilities.

We are always looking for collaborations. Write an email and let’s get together to save to ocean from plastic.

and stay up to date with our latest activities.