Mar de plástico, Almeria

Back from a 2 days drive through Mar de plástico and it is shocking, plastic from destroyed greenhouses and plastictrash is allover and it seems that nobody are willing to do anything about it. At Plastfree Ocean we will try…

For a cleaner future

Plastic has become a necessity of our everyday lives. Plastic is part of almost everything  we surround ourselves with.  Unfortunately, plastic has also become a major environmental challenge.  Only a small part of plastic waste can be recycled but the majority of…


Finally we are able to travel to Malaga in the beginning of August. we plan to explore the area around Nerja and specially Almeria were spain grow much of europe´s fruits and vegetables in a huges area called “the sea…
0 plastic bottles

Are ending up in the Ocean
(34.000 each minute to be exact)

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