Welcome to Plastfree Ocean

We Care for the Ocean

Our vision is to protect the environment from plastic by committing to work against less plastic pollution in the mediterranean sea. We ensure solutions that Secure recycling of ocean waste plastic

How it all started

Plastfree Oceans founders Bettina and Martin were born and raised in Denmark close to Copenhagen. We have a long life passion to wards nature and the Sea. We love sea life, snorkelling and kayaking.
We have traveled around the world and explored how the plastic pollution in the Oceans rises every…

The Enviro Buggy at work in the Mediterranean

Video by Enviro Buggy

Our cool partners

Plastfree Ocean is working to get plastic removed and recycled from the sea, beaches, rivers and nearby areas because.

If your company is interested in helping us to reach our goal, feel free to contact us and suggest how your company will be able to cooperate with us and reach World Goal 14.