We are very happy to have a few very competent cooperation partners who are supportting us with important knowledge and very nice products. We are looking for companies who are specialized within plastic recycling. If you are interested in having a dialouque please feel free to contact us.

Makershirt is a creative printing company who has spezialised to print on texstiles.

It’s Makershirts vision to be the most “green” and responsible textiles printing company in the world.

A not-for-profit company , was formed in 2019. This partnership in 2020 consists of more than 60 members, including five industry associations, five universities, five NGO´s and more than forty companies operating within one legal frame – Ocean Plastic Forum.

The purpose of the partnership is to gather different plastic litter contractors and partners in the solving of small as well as large turnkey projects. The consortium creates a greater synergy by utilizing the different disciplines of the members as well as making the schedule smooth by considering the various peaks of the production and services of the member companies

Plast2oil is an innovative company that develops and operates plants that convert recyclable waste plastic into carbon fuel, which is refined into new chemicals via our partners. We continuously try to adapt our plants to the environmental needs. This applies both to the products that we can transform, but also to the size of our plants, which range from a container solution to the large stationary industrial plant

Voigt is an international printing company with a wide range of production options. At Voigt, we care deeply about the environment and use only original inks that meet European standards and legislation. Voigt has a 100 kW (kilowatt) solar farm, which covers about 25% of electricity consumption. We implement full waste segregation.

At Circular&Co. we passionately believe that Circular Design can put an end to waste and pollution, it provides a real chance for practical change at a time when the world desperately needs solutions. The circular economy is about extending the life of our resources so we can constantly reuse, and every time we reuse we increase its value, that way it becomes sustainable.


Resolute/Resoluteweb is a webdesign company designing and maintaining websites and webshops in WordPress. They also provide e-mail marketing, and other graphic services.

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