Plastfree Ocean is offering machines for removing plastic and other kind of trash in the sea, in harbours at beaches and in rivers. We are delivering equipment which is the best quality from manufacturers who are highly specialized and we are proud of being selected as distributors.




BeBot screens sand, rakes seaweed, levels out expanses of beach, and lifts and carries loads. It collects all waste buried in the defined area.
BeBot announces its presence, meaning it is completely safe, and it can also cope with steep terrain.

It protects plant and animal life as well as the sand as it screens.
BeBot is 100% electric, and emits no harmful gases or greenhouse gases.
Its quiet running means it can operate at any time of day or night without restrict.



Top speed 2,7 km/h
Can cope with obstacles of up to 20°.
Pulls loads up to 400kg


100% electric, batteries and solar pannels


Remote control up to 150 meters

Battery life

Up to 3 hours, full charge: 8 hours

Screening unit

Screening width: 130 cm
Screening depth: 10 cm
Cleaning capacity: 3,000 m²
Can access any spot, even in tight spaces

Screening capacity

100 liters


Emergency stop button
Safety LEDs for visibility
Optional warning light and audible alert

Pyrolysis Plants

It is possible to convert all plastics directly into useful forms of energy and chemicals for industry using a process called “cold plasma pyrolysis”. Pyrolysis is a heating method that decomposes organic materials at temperatures between 400 ℃ and 650 ℃, in an environment with limited oxygen.

Mobile plants pleasures in 20 or 40 foot containers and are very flexible, they can be placed close to rivers, harbours and other places. Mobile plants do not require much space and are very easy to handle.

Stationary plants requires much more place and the capacity is very. The biggest plants will be able handle heating of whole towns.

You will be able to get more detailed information about or plants in our presentation below.

Plastfree Ocean has the rights to mobile and stationary facilities in Spain and most other Mediterranean countries.

Our cooperation partner, placed in Europe is higly specialized in construction of  pyrolysis plants with induction technology.

For further information please contact:

Martin Brasch



Marine waste is growing a bigger and bigger problem in harbours, rivers, lakes and on beaches.

With our SpillTech product range we are able remove nearly all kind of waste without harming the environment. 

In our Youtube video you will be able see the total product range.

For prices and delivery please contact us.


Waste Shark

The WasteShark is specifically designed for in-shore use where waste and biomass tend to collect. When compared to other solutions the WasteShark offers the user the benefit of an easy and efficient means to capture floating waste.  The WasteShark is simple to operate which, combined with its proportions, allows it to work regularly and efficiently. Many waste collecting vessels spend a disproportionate amount of time out of action while waiting for large areas of trash chokeholds to develop before they are deployed. This often sees most of the waste sinking to the bottom and becoming irretrievable; by design the WasteShark can provide daily maintenance of a water body cheaply and effectively.

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