For a cleaner future

  • Plastic has become a necessity of our everyday lives. Plastic is part of almost everything  we surround ourselves with.  Unfortunately, plastic has also become a major environmental challenge. 
  • Only a small part of plastic waste can be recycled but the majority of waste plastics cannot be recycled using traditional methods, and ends up disposed in landfills or ending up in the ocean where it overtime is converted to microplastic, which harms the environment even harder than traditional plastic waste. 
  • Plastfree Ocean are very concerned about this huge issue. So we looked for a company that was able to convert part of this plastic to energy. We discovered that a Danish company, Plast2oil has mobile and stationary  facilities which is able to convert all kind of plastic waste to energy.
  • Today Plast2oil and Plastfree Ocean agreed to cooperate which gives Plastfree Ocean the exclusive rights to implement mobile and stationary facilities all over the Mediterrenean area.
  • We know that the huge area called “Sea of plastic or Mar de plastico” near Almeria, has a very big problem with plastic flooding in the rivers especially during heavy rain.  
  • Right now we are working hard to find companies who are interested in our facilities around Almerias, “ Mar de plastico” so we can solve the problem  together