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Beach vacum cleaner

Microplast and other small plastic parts are difficult and takes a lot of time to pick by hand from the beach. Plastfree Ocean has been searching for a solution for some time. We have now made an agreement with a…

When does this happen in Andalucia ?

A holiday in the Balearics will soon be free from single-use plastic New law bans several single-use plastic items in hospitality in the Balearics   –   Copyright  Brian Yurasits/Unsplash By Laura Sanders  •  last updated: 12/01/2021 A new law in the Balearics aims to reduce plastic pollution from…

Mar de plástico, Almeria

Back from a 2 days drive through Mar de plástico and it is shocking, plastic from destroyed greenhouses and plastictrash is allover and it seems that nobody are willing to do anything about it. At Plastfree Ocean we will try…

0 plastic bottles

Are ending up in the Ocean
(34.000 each minute to be exact)

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