Electric Beach vacumcleaner to Malaga

Microplastic , cigarett butts and small plastic parts are floating at the beaches all over and. Most of those kind of plastic are not picked up and ends in the ocean where some of them are eaten by animals or they are degrated to microplastic over time.

Plastfree Ocean has the exclusive rights in the Mediterrenean area to the first electric beach vacumcleaner in the world. The vacum cleaner is produced in South Africa by the company Tau General Engineering. Luigi who is the CEO of the company tells that this huge vacum cleaner is able to pick up all kinds of trash, from small parts as microplastic, cigarett butts ,cans and other kind of trash.

The first cleaner will be presented at Playa La Malagueta in the start of January 2022. With more than 8.000 km of coastline the potential in Spain will be huge tells Bettina Lyhne, one of the founders from Plastfree Ocean. Bettina continues to tell that we are very proud of being selected to have the rights to the Enviro Buggy and we will look forward to show how effective our vacumcleaner is.